Weekend in Dubai

Feels like an eon since I have had a 2-day weekend. Actually, that’s not true. I have had 2-day weekends. This is one of those rare 2-day weekends where I am not flying off to Muscat to meet the family.

So, that left me with a lot of time to do something. Decided to catch up with a friend in Dubai at whose house I shacked up (thanks Mufaddal) and take this opportunity to meet with Oli and Gary and get the low-down on what is happening in their respective projects.

Coincidently, I managed to eat at Paul’s twice. One for dinner on Thu night with Mufaddal (who, to my surprise had never eaten there before) and on Friday for lunch with Oli and Gary. The latter was not a surprise at all as all 3 of us love Paul’s.

If you have never been to Paul Bakery and Restaurant, I suggest you give them a try.

To top that, I had amazing tea at a place called Filli’s. Not being a resident of UAE for very long, I was amazed to hear how this person started with making and serving tea in a small place and now has a chain of small cafes where people can sit and chat and have lovely tea. Kind off on the lines of famous coffee chains.

If you have not had Filli’s Zafran (Saffron) tea before, I suggest you try. Here’s a photo to give you an idea…

Filli's Zaffran Tea


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Dubai

  1. Love Filli’s saffron tea! My family and I usually go to their Al Mamzar branch. Oh, and we always ask them to put less sugar as their regular tea can be quite sweet.


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